Register Your Data with the Ecoengine

Are you interested in seeing how your data would interact with Ecoengine's baselayers and event data? You can...

  1. Register your dataset NOW with the Ecoengine. 

    In doing so, you will contribute to the synergistic strength of the Ecoengine that comes from integrating disparate data sources. Currently we are cataloging metadata associated with each dataset within the Ecoengine. We are asking researchers to provide us with information including: title of their study, researcher(s)/data owner(s) name(s) and contact information, geographic extent, study dates, sampling methods, etc. Please contact us at for more information and guidance on what is most appropriate for your study.

  2. Register your dataset when the Ecoengine goes live.
    Hesitant to send us your metadata? No worries. Check in with our our website for regular updates on Ecoengine development and our project timeline. Want to be notified when it goes live? Send an email to and we will let you know when everything is up an running.
  3. Download our baselayers and datasets without registering at all. 
    Once the Ecoengine goes live, users will be able to upload their data or download ours to their desktop.  Check in with our our website for regular updates on Ecoengine development and our project timeline. 

We understand concerns researchers may have regarding the use and protection of their hard-earned data. We are still working on the details of our Terms of Use but can ensure that Data Owners will determine who has access to and uses their data if they elect to register it with the Ecoengine. Furthermore, Data Owners will not be held liable for misuse of their data, and proper acknowledgement will be given to them when it is used (e.g., publications, presentation, etc.). We welcome feedback on what might be acceptable terms of use for your data.