Baseline Metrics

Project 1. High Resolution Record of Past Climate Change and the Biotic Response: Drilling Clear Lake, Lake County, Central California.

Goal: Generation of a high resolution climatic, flora, entomological, and fire history record will reveal new knowledge about how terrestrial biota responded to changes in California’s climate both during and before human presence.

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Lead Co-PI: Cindy Looy
Co-PIs: Anthony Barnosky, Roger Byrne, Lynn Ingram, Charles Marshall
Collaborators: David Ackerly, John Chiang, Richard Dodd, Ivo Duijnstee, Brent Mishler, Mary Power, David Wahl, Kip Will, Susan Zimmerman

Project 2. Applying Novel Tools to Museum Specimens to Detect Early Signatures of Species and Community Responses to Environmental Change.

Goal: Development and application of novel technologies that can be used as early indicators of genotypic, phenotypic and ecological responses to recent (past 100 years) and ongoing environmental change, to enable better predictions regarding response to future climatic change.

Lead Co-PI: Eileen Lacey
Co-PIs: Craig Moritz, Michael Eisen, Rasmus Nielsen, Todd Dawson
Collaborators: David Ackerly, Steve Beissinger, Maggi Kelly, Adina Merenlender, Wayne Sousa, Marjorie Matocq, Jeff Good

Project 3. Spatial analysis of biodiversity data to test and apply theory-based indicator metrics for effects of global changes in California

Goal: Integration and application of state-of-the-art ecological theories will enable the identification of California ecosystems and food webs that are at risk due to global change, and the prediction of how these systems might adapt to change.

Lead Co-PI: John Harte
Collaborators: Rosemary Gillespie, Adina Merenlender, Bruce Baldwin, Jim McGuire, Eric Berlow

Project 4. How will California’s coastal aquatic ecosystems respond to climate change and human water management? An assessment integrating physiology, populations and food webs

Goal: Understanding physiology, genomics and phylogeography of pivotal primary consumers across California’s coastal riverine ecosystems will generate new knowledge to enable predictive models of aquatic ecosystem responses to climate change and water distribution scenarios.

Lead Co-PI: Jonathon Stillman
Co-PIs: Patrick O’Grady, Mary Power, Vince Resh
Collaborators: Stephanie Carlson, Brian Ort